The Hub is currently in its beta phase. This means that we’re engaging potential users on its usability and relevance, with a view to updating and expanding the Hub towards the end of 2017. Follow us on social media for regular updates.

Using the Knowledge Hub

The South African Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub is an easy to use searchable database. It is aimed at South African policy-makers and development partners looking for accessible South African research to inform their implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063. It’s the only of its kind in Africa, and provides access to the most recent relevant South African research.

The following steps will help you to get the most out of the current version of the Knowledge Hub.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.02.20 PMStep 1: Click on the search icon on the homepage
You’ll find it in the top right-hand corner, right next to the menu button.


 Step 2: Choose an Agenda 2063 Aspiration or Sustainable Development Goal
Start by typing either the Agenda 2063 Aspiration or Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) you’re interested in.

The format should be A1, A2, A3, etc. for Agenda 2063 aspirations, and SDG1, SDG2, SDG3, etc. for the Sustainable Development Goals. You’ll find a list of the Agenda 2063 Aspirations here, and a list of the SDGs here.


Step 3: Refine your search
You may want to refine your search by adding a keyword. The Knowledge Hub is still in beta phase, which means that we’re still adding articles and keywords. Refine your search by adding your own keywords, or using keywords from Agenda 2063 or the SDGs.

Step 4: Press [ENTER]
A list of the most relevant articles should appear.


Struggling to find the appropriate keywords? You’re welcome to use one or more of the following:

Search term
Agenda 2063 Aspiration
Sustainable Development Goal
access to drinking water A1; A2 SDG6
access to education A1; A6 SDG4
access to electricity A2 SDG7
access to financial services A1 SDG8; SDG9
access to genetic resources A1 SDG15
access to health care A1 SDG3
access to housing A1 SDG11
access to transport A1 SDG11
access to water A1; A2 SDG6
accessible public spaces SDG11
accountable institutions A3 SDG16
affirmative action A1 SDG10
affordable housing A1 SDG11
affordable transport A1 SDG11
agricultural productivity A1 SDG2
air pollution A1 SDG3
air quality SDG11
alcohol abuse A1 SDG3
Black Economic Empowerment A1 SDG10
bribery A3 SDG16
cancer A1 SDG3
cardiovascular disease A1 SDG3
child abuse A6 SDG16
child mortality A1 SDG3
cilmate change mitigation A1 SDG13
cities SDG11
citizenship education A1; A3 SDG4
clean energy A2 SDG7
clean technology A2 SDG9
climate change A1 SDG13
climate change adaptation A1 SDG13
climate change education A1 SDG13
climate change resilience A1 SDG13
coastal ecosystem A1 SDG14
conservation A1 SDG15
contraceptives A1 SDG3
corruption A3 SDG16
cultural heritage A5 SDG11
debt financing A7 SDG16
debt sustainability A7 SDG16
decent work A1 SDG4; SDG8
degraded land A1 SDG15
degraded soil A1 SDG15
development planning A1 SDG11
diabetes A1 SDG3
disaster A1 SDG1
domestic resource mobilisation A7 SDG16
drinking water A1; A2 SDG6
early childhood development A1; A6 SDG4
earthquakes A1 SDG13
economic growth A1 SDG8
economic productivity A1 SDG8
ecosystem protection A1 SDG15
ecosystem restoration A1 SDG15
ecosystem services A1 SDG15
ecosystem sustainability A1 SDG15
ecosystems A1 SDG15
education facilities A1 SDG4
educational outcomes A1; A6 SDG4
effective institutions A3 SDG16
employment A1 SDG9
employment equity A1 SDG10
energy efficiency A2 SDG7
entrepreneurship A1 SDG4; SDG8
equal access + education A1 SDG4
export markets A7 SDG16
extinction A1 SDG15
extreme poverty A1 SDG1
family planning A1 SDG3
fish stocks A1 SDG14
fishing regulation A1 SDG14
floating plastic A1 SDG14
food security A1 SDG2
gender equality A6 SDG5
gender discrimintatoin A6 SDG5
gender violence A6 SDG5
green public spaces SDG11
health education A1 SDG3
health systems A1; A3 SDG3
health training A1 SDG3
hepatitis A1 SDG3
higher education A1; A6 SDG4
homicide A4 SDG16
human rights education A3 SDG4
human settlement planning A1 SDG11
human settlements A1 SDG11
human trafficking A6 SDG5
hunger A1 SDG2
illegal fishing A1 SDG14
inclusive cities SDG11
inclusive education A1; A6 SDG4
inclusive institutions A3 SDG16
industrialisation A1 SDG9
inequality A1 SDG10
infant mortality A1 SDG3
infrastructure A2 SDG9
innovation A2 SDG9
invasive alien species A1 SDG15
job creation A1 SDG4; SDG8
land degradation A1 SDG15
literacy A1 SDG4
malaria A1 SDG3
malnutrition A1 SDG2
manufacturing A1 SDG9
marine ecosystem A1 SDG14
marine pollution A1 SDG14
marine resources A1 SDG14
maternal mortality A1 SDG3
mathematics A1 SDG4
medical training A1 SDG3
mental health A1; A3 SDG3
micro, small and medium-sized enterprises A1 SDG8
migrant workers SDG8
migrants SDG8
murder A4 SDG16
National Health Insurance A1 SDG3
natural disasters A1 SDG13
natural resource governance A3 SDG1
neonatal mortality A1 SDG3
non-discrimination A6 SDG5
non-violence education A4 SDG4
numeracy A1 SDG4
nutrition A1 SDG2
overfishing A1 SDG14
poaching A1 SDG15
poverty A1 SDG1
primary education A1; A6 SDG4
property rights A1 SDG1
protect ecosystems A1 SDG15
protection of fundamental rights A3 SDG16
protection of human rights A3 SDG16
public spaces SDG11
public transport A1 SDG11
quality education A1; A6 SDG4
quality infrastructure A2 SDG9
recycling A1 SDG12
refugees SDG8
regional infrastructure A2 SDG9
relevant skills A1; A6 SDG4
reliable infrastructure A2 SDG9
renewable electricity A2 SDG7
renewable energy A2 SDG7
representative institutions A3 SDG16
reproductive health A1 SDG3
research and development A2 SDG9
research and innovation A2 SDG9
resilient cities SDG11
resilient human settlements A1 SDG11
resilient infrastructure A2 SDG9
responsive institutions A3 SDG16
restore ecosystems A1 SDG15
revenue collection A7 SDG16
road deaths A1 SDG3
road fatalities A1 SDG3
road safety A1 SDG3; SDG11
safe transport A1 SDG11
school buildings SDG4
school infrastructure SDG4
secondary education A1; A6 SDG4
service delivery A1; A3 SDG1; SDG11
sexual health A1 SDG3
sexual violence A6 SDG5
sharing of genetic resources A1 SDG15
skills development A1; A6 SDG4
small and medium-sized enterprises A1 SDG8
small-scale farmers A1 SDG2
small-scale food producers A1 SDG2
snow A1 SDG13
social grant A1 SDG1
social protection A1 SDG1; SDG10
soil quality A1 SDG2
soil restoration A1 SDG15
South-South Cooperation A7 SDG16
spatial planning A1 SDG11
stunting A1 SDG2
substance abuse A1 SDG3
suicide A1 SDG3
sustainability education A1; A6 SDG12; SDG13
sustainability reporting SDG12
sustainable agriculture A1 SDG2
sustainable cities SDG11
sustainable consumption A1 SDG12
sustainable ecosystems A1 SDG15
sustainable electricity A2 SDG7
sustainable energy A2 SDG7
sustainable food production A1 SDG2
sustainable human settlements A1 SDG11
sustainable lifestyles A1 SDG12
sustainable production A1 SDG12
sustainable technology A2 SDG9
sustainable tourism A1 SDG8; SDG12
sustainable transport A1 SDG11
tax collection A7 SDG16
teachers training SDG4
technical training A1; A6 SDG4
tertiary education A1; A6 SDG4
threatened species A1 SDG15
tourism A1 SDG8
traffic accidents A1 SDG3
trafficking of protected species A1 SDG15
trans-border infrastructure A2 SDG9
transparent institutions A3 SDG16
tuberculosis A1 SDG3
under-five mortality A1 SDG3
unemployment A1 SDG4; SDG8
universal health coverage A1 SDG3
university education A1; A6 SDG4
urban design A1 SDG11
urbanisation SDG11
violence against children A6 SDG16
violence prevention A1; A4 SDG4
vocational training A1; A6 SDG4
vulnerability SDG1
waste management SDG11; SDG12
wastewater treatment A1; A2 SDG6
water access A1; A2 SDG6
water and sanitation A1; A2 SDG6
water efficiency A1; A2 SDG6
water harvesting A1; A2 SDG6
water management A1; A2 SDG6
water pollution A1; A2 SDG6
water quality A1; A2 SDG6
wildlife trafficking A1 SDG15
women in leadership A6 SDG5
women leaders A6 SDG5